David Eddings - Castle of Wizardry

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Before I opened this blog I had recently read the first volume (omnibus edition) of the Belgariad. Castle of Wizardry is the 4th book in the 5 book series.

Castle of Wizardry had a very different feel to it than the previous 3 books. Up until now, the series mostly followed the travel of Garion, Belgarath, and Polgara as they went to all the different countries and picked up more travelers. In this book, the characters are now settled down as the first major event (retrieving the orb of Aldur) has taken place. Garion and Ce'Nedra are now in Riva and ready to be corronated. Both of them underdo a lot of character development as they relate to their people and learn to rule. Ce'Nedra, who has a whole section of the book to herself, particularly grows a lot (of course she is still stubborn and difficult most of the time). So I guess you could say this book has less action and more focus on individual characters. Most of the second half of the book seems like it is preparation for the big final battle, and I'm looking forwards to it.

Although the Belgariad is very enjoyable, it is very obviously aimed mostly for children or young adults. There are sometimes hints of adult themes but Eddings never expressly says anything. The story overall is very cute and charming, but there just isn't enough depth to really make me emotionally attached to anything that is happening. I wish I picked this up when I was younger though, it would have been a great first fantasy read.


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