Brent Weeks - Shadow's Edge

Thursday, January 13, 2011

So I made the mistake in not updating this blog for a while, and subsequently have finished this entire trilogy. I think it would be wrong for me to lump this book with the 3rd and review them together, so I'm going to do them both separately.

The 2nd book in the Night Angel trilogy opens with the lull, or short peace between storms, after the aftermath of the 1st book ending. Kylar tries to live peacefully and put down his assassin's ways for love - but he just can't seem to do it. This struggle persists for a while and we ALL know that Kylar is going to come back and save the world.. so it was just difficult to get through this part. More interesting is Logan's story. He has some major character development going on as his current situation in life is .. let's say, less than ideal (MUCH less) >_<

Around this point a bunch of new characters are being introduced (Sister Ariel). I feel like Weeks has somewhat of a problem with this since the introductions are awkward and the characters don't feel real until a few more chapters in. Of course, Sister Ariel later turns out to be one of my favorite characters! We hear more about Dorian/Solon/Feir who all seem to have their own complicated storylines, but these characters are not yet explored as fully as I would like. They still seem like part of an awkward backdrop.

Now, once the story finally gets moving - WOW! Some awesome stuff happens. Some ridiculous mind bending stuff happens involving Vi who I NEVER imagined would become one of the major characters here. We're left with a cliffhanger ending after a pretty epic battle scene where some people know things others don't including that some people who they thought are dead are actually alive. It leaves me thinking.. there are going to be a lot of interesting developments to come.


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