David Eddings - Enchanter's End Game

Monday, October 25, 2010

The conclusion to the classic Belgariad series! Overall I enjoyed these books but there wasn't too much depth to them. Good for kids, but it wasn't a really deep and meaningful read.

There is a long drawn out part of this book where Ce'Nedra and the kings are attacking the eastern kingdoms. I liked the part where Ce'Nedra got some character development (Adara being injured) but other than that it was boring.

The ending was very sweet, but childish. Durnik and Polgara hook up but there really hasn't been much development of their relationship throughout the books. It was still adorable though.. same with Garion and Ce'Nedra. Though honestly I can't picture Garion as a young man.. just no. =P He still is a child when I picture him. I wish he had matured more in the series. Belgarath is still the most kick-ass character.

I am interested in reading the Malloreon, but no time soon. I'm going to get some heavier reading done first ;)


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