Kate Forsyth - The Shining City

Monday, November 8, 2010

For most of this entire book, Rhiannon (the main character in the first book) is kind of in the background - She is a prisoner awaiting trial. There is a mixup of other characters who make up the points of view in this book: Lewen, Olwynne, Felice, Isabeau, Nina... I actually don't mind it since they are all interesting characters and have different points of view to add to the story. Felice really became one of my favorite characters, she's just so mature and overall awesome. I also like Bronwen a lot even though all the other characters think she's a whore =P

One thing that bothers me in the book is how much everyone cares about Rhiannon. For example, Nina forgets about her son being kidnapped to beg that Rhiannon is pardoned. I mean, she DID kill one of the king's guards, it's not like she's innocent. I guess I just don't understand why they care about her to the extent that they do in the book.

Another thing that bothers me is Lewen. He is too freaking perfect. I still don't really understand how he fell head over heels in love with Rhiannon in the first place.

My favorite part of the book was in the beginning when Olwynne walks her nightmares. It was so mysterious and well put together, Forsyth really handles the supernatural better than any other fantasy author I've read.

The book had a huge cliffhanger ending and luckily I have the next one already! (make sure you do too when you read this!)


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