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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Since The Shining City ended with such a cliffhanger, I had to start the next book right away!

It seems a lot of people are disappointed that the book didn't focus so mainly on Rhiannon, but that was ok with me because the story is a lot more interesting this way. Plus, I'm still kind of annoyed at how much Lewen loves her... Luckily, there is other romance in the novel that works besides Lewen and Rhiannon, which feels so artificial to me. Mostly Felice/Owein and Isabeau/Dide.

My favorite part has to be the beginning when Isabeau and her group go back in time to rescue Donncan. This is very well done and I loved this storyline. The Lord Malvern and Rhiannon storyline was less exciting. This is where it feels like the author kind of forced things to happen so that there could be a happy ending. It does seem like people were killed off and the timing was moved JUST so the author could get the ending she wanted. She made it work, but I feel like this might not have been the best resolution for this particular plot.

I really enjoyed this series and if it wasn't for the corny romance and Lewen it would probably be 5/5 =P In the future I am definitely going to read her Witches of Eileannan series occurs before this trilogy.


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